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Gender: Male
Hometown: Northern VA
Member since: Fri Oct 29, 2004, 10:34 AM
Number of posts: 27,692

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Pumpkin/Squash. Look at these photos. Are these types edible?

Can they be turned into pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bread, etc.


"Profiles in Cowardice!" from Brian McFadden

Anatomy of the Holdiays from John Atkinson's "Wrong Hands"

I went to Target.

I bought some cat food for the ferals and some eggs. Should I be worried?

Tom Toles on Syrian Refugees


Kudos Mr. Toles. Keep up the good work.

"You know, we're still almost a whole year away from the Presidential election..."

From Darrin Bell's Candorville:

Man throws sandwich at another man in Fairfax shopping center parking lot and flees

A 32-year-old New Jersey man was arrested after he allegedly threw a sandwich at another man in Fairfax.

It was not immediately known what kind of a sandwich was involved or why it was thrown.

No one was injured.

The incident happened Sunday around 9 p.m. in a parking lot of a shopping center in the 10100 block of Fairfax Boulevard. A 50-year-old Dunn Loring man told police in Fairfax that another man threw a sandwich at him and then fled in a vehicle.

The exciting conclusion to this gripping story can be found at:

Do I see a Pulitzer in Washington Post writer, Dana Hedgpeth's future?

Hey MIRT, thanks for all you do.

and keep up the good work.

Thanks Gov O'Malley: Budget Switch For Maryland Hospitals Is Starting To Pay Off

Results are in from the first year of a bold change to the way hospitals get paid in Maryland, and so far the experiment seems to be working.

We recently reported on the unique system the state is trying to rein in health care costs. Maryland phased out fee-for-service payments to hospitals in favor of a fixed pot of money each year.

A report in the latest New England Journal of Medicine says the experiment saved an estimated $116 million in 2014, the first year it was in operation.

The state of Maryland and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services struck an agreement that ended payments to hospitals for each procedure, each emergency room visit and each overnight stay. Instead, Maryland hospitals receive a set amount of money — called a global budget – for the whole year, regardless of how many patients they treat. In essence, Maryland flipped financial incentives for hospitals. In the past, more patients meant more revenue. Now, with revenue fixed for the year, hospitals benefit when patients are healthy and stay out of the hospital.

story from NPR at
Original study from the New England Journal of Medicine:

Governor Terry McAuliffe & Virginia end Veteran Homelessness in the State

“Folks, there is a reason why we are the greatest state in America. We are because we take care of our veterans,” McAuliffe said at a ceremony at a Richmond veterans memorial.

The federal homelessness designation means Virginia has no homeless veterans with the exception of those who have been offered housing but do not want it. The state must find a home for a veteran within 90 days and have more homes available than the number of veterans who have been identified as having no place to live.

Three cities — Las Vegas, and Syracuse and Schenectady in New York — also have met the criteria for claiming an end veteran homelessness in their cities, according to a White House statement. But Virginia is the first state to do so.

Julián Castro, secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, joined McAulliffe in Richmond for the Veterans Day announcement. Castro praised Virginia for achieving a first, even as he made light of McAuliffe’s reflexive boosterism. Castro noted that in an hour-long meeting before the ceremony, the governor called Virginia the “greatest” state in the nation “about 101 times.”

Whole article here:

Nice job, Governor McAuliffe.
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