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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 02:14 AM
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Putin is doing what ISIS has done: trying to make themselves

INDISPENSABLE to people in their sphere of influence. Psychopaths love to run into a vacuum, a vacuum they may or may not have caused, and take over the Big Man/government role and become the 'source' of security to the local people. Indispensability is soon POWER. Poor Syria.

I don't think they are too timid. I think they have figured out that Donald Trump is a person who

gets energy and ideas from being attacked. He even attacks himself in his speeches, quoting others who have attacked him in the past. That is his entire shtick.

The GOP has taken democracy for granted. They've messed with people's heads. They assumed democracy

would work for their interests. They made people stupid to reach this goal. Now look at them. Trump, who wants to stop trade and crash the economy by deporting 11 million people, is leading by a greater degree every time a new poll comes out. Democracy should be cherished. It is hard work and should work for all, not be a ticket to easy street for the rich. They've used it. And they are destroying it.

Tonight Trump said he'd take down the barriers between states for health care

insurance. Then he said he'd be great for women's health organizations. He's smashing through the wedge issue structure the GOP build over 'the base'. This is great news. He's a populist and is deconstructing the GOP platform in parts. He may inadvertenly let them out of their cages. Run free gop base.....run free.

Another reason why Trump is so popular with the people:

They have not been allowed to connect with Obama in any way. They are starved for leadership. They've done their own dam selves in on the right. If they were allowed to follow Obama's successes, when they were America's successes, they would not be so needy and stuck on the first 'big man' who came along.

Black Lives Matter is a new movement based on longstanding grievances. For sure, in this social

networking age, so much about how and when and why people gather has changed. Things are much more fluid. So events are much more fluid. I'm sure organizational structure will develop. But for now we need to urge BLM on. As their friends. Because African Americans have not had the luxury of negotiating with government and/or the powers that be for long. And in a authentically fair way...maybe never. White people have been negotiation with government and/or the powers that be for 500 years in one way or another. We should understand the GOP has been baiting Black Lives Matter with the words "All Lives Matter" to take the wind out of their sails. So we should not use those words. We should understand that a good, clear, new relationship between African Americans and the multicultural police is the last thing the GOP want. Then they will not be able to use fear of the wild inner cities to scare their base. So we should not fall for this manufactured outrage between Bernie fans and BLM people tonight on the DU. Bernie went to an event. Things happened. His security whisked him away. That happens. Especially when some new movement is born. This is an old story of almost any social movement. And since when have Bernie supporters been against social movements?

All news sources make mistakes. Let's hope the NYTimes learns from this and doesn't fall for the

Benghazi two step again. A headline, in this day and age of massive amounts of data out there, cannot be taken back. Nobody will ever hear the retraction. The GOP know this. So should the NY Times. Especially if it has anything to do with Benghazi. One thing all these leaks do tell us...if you add them all up, the GOP have got nothing on Hillary. But the GOP will stir the pot. And make it 'feel' like there is something she is hiding. And that feeling can feel surer than sure if psychopaths are involved in spreading the meme. You may feel more sure of the 'feeling that Hillary is hiding something' than you have ever felt about anything else in your life. That is how psychopaths get people to act on their behalf. That surer than ever sure feeling. In this day and age of the GOP using all the tools of the psychopath be wary of anything compelling.

That New York Times story on the Clinton emails has turned out to be a total crock

That New York Times story on the Clinton emails has turned out to be a total crock

by David Nir a the Daily Kos



And now, with Clinton eased out of the frame, a new statement from the Justice Department itself says that the other explosive prong of the Times' original reporting is also entirely wrong: the request they received did not seek a criminal investigation. No hedging, no weasel words, no passive voice: "It is not a criminal referral." Period.

So what on earth happened here? How could the Times screw this story up so utterly and royally? Rep. Elijah Cummings, who is the most senior Democrat on the House Select Committee on Benghazi, has a compelling theory:

"This is the latest example in a series of inaccurate leaks to generate false front-page headlines—only to be corrected later—and they have absolutely nothing to do with the attacks in Benghazi or protecting our diplomatic corps overseas."

It's not hard to believe that Rep. Trey Gowdy, the GOP's Inspector Javert of Benghazi, would do whatever he can to ignite this non-story that's failed to catch fire in the three years Republicans have desperately spent trying to kindle it. But for the paper of record to fall for this kind of garbage, well ... let's just say it gives even more fodder to those who think the Times has waged a two-decade campaign of hostility toward the Clinton family.


This GOP race is turning into a game of King On The Mountain with all players trying to take out

Trump and win the leadership that way. I played King on the mountain as a kid. I beat all the boys on that snowbound hill in 1977. But to be fair to the boys, we were all 11 and I was a full head taller than them being a girl at that age. I can't think of anyone "louder" than Trump at this juncture. Chris Christie is who I would expect to be the one but he seems very quiet these days. They all seem to be playing defence and trying to mitigate Trumps retaliation. The clue to winning when I was 11 was to run up that snow covered hill by grabbing onto one boy and pulling him down...leveraging your momentum off the boy now below while you reach the next boy and pull that boy down...leveraging off the new boy again, and the next. There were boys flying everywhere. All of a sudden you are at the top. Just an FYI to the GOP. Trump is the only one who is playing the "game" right.

Are the rich pissed off that education means people expect to be compensated for their own

productivity more completely? There was a time when you would start with a company, work your way up if you were good. But you would not be taking your experience and increased productivity to the open market. And the corporation would be the beneficiary of that lack of pay. Women too would be way overqualified for the jobs they were allowed to do. And they certainly didn't get the benefit in wages.
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