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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 02:14 AM
Number of posts: 64,942

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I am interested in politics & history, and social justice.

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Boehner is saying the unemployed are just sitting around when in fact they are fighting inflation

by being unemployed and making it an employers market in the last 6 years. Wages go down. The middle class struggles. There is less pressure on the economy. Inflations goes down. And the rich don't do anything to fight it themselves (the US economy on the whole used to fight inflation with tight money policies, now just the unemployed do). What Boehner is really saying is he wants all the people who have given up back in the market, back trying for jobs, back being desperate, back lowering wages, back to making it an employers market. In fact, he wants them all back fighting inflation more than they are, which the rich do not fight themselves. Who is the lazy***? As usual with the GOP, it is projection and scapegoating all around.


value driven, stories with images and feelings, sounds like being

a human being to me. I guess that is the enemy of the NRA...being human.

I just don‘t think we should be weakening

what we have that is wonderful. That is the GOP‘s job. To take thing apart. We need the DU to be a safe place.

You did say “It seems odd to me“.... Which implies

a negative when in fact the anonymity of the DU allows for passion and honesty and really makes this site what it is... open to democrats to discuss authentically what they want in political leadership with no possible threat of retribution.

In Canada, I would say there is more respect for government itself than politicians.

Our motto is peace, order and good government. So we see government as good. Then again someone who has been a provincial premier is unlikely to want to be prime minister. Maybe governors in the USA often want to be seen as presidential? Maybe it is by design? Would the GOP up the prestige of executives and lower the prestige of the government relatively speaking? Yup. Would they try and institute fielty for the 'big man' psychology to change the way people vote/relate to 'big men' (CEOs, tv & radio pundits, politicians, the individual not the group)? Yup. Have they? I don't know.

When you are persecuted or bullied

as Obama constantly is then things physically start to happen. Your working menory tanks. You get insomnia that builds. Back pain or other psycho somatic things happen. Then you add the stress of all hell breaking out in the world and you end up where Obama is. If he were a much younger man I would tell him to start smoking again to relieve the pressure till the crisi pass. I‘m sure he has the best doctors. I wish the Saudi Arabians would get off their asses and step up and take responsibility where they can for their part in creating ISIS and send in their military to help. I hope Putin tires of economic mayhem at home and not getting the payoff of Republican praise and attention he was getting earlier this year. So that he retreats. Mostly I hope those in the GOP who have some humanity left start to have their President‘s back on foreign policy. As is their role in government.

I mostly agree with you. So why do you complain that

I don't listen or hear your complaints. I believe in a big tent. And so do you according to your post, where not everyone wants or needs exactly the same thing from government. I have always been for all the policies you describe, with the exception with trade. I‘n for universal childcare too. I am for higher taxrs on corporations around the world and penalties for inversion. I do worry that because the left has been so antitrade that all liberals have not had an adequate seat at the free trade talks. That benefits the GOP and corporations in the end. But getting back to the article, do you think Obama should push to implement the solutions to poverty that both parties can agree on, which he is starting to do, or should we wait until the Democrats have a supermajority to start fighting poverty. What do we do with what the congress we have (will have)?

Democrats are a big tent. For sure the

GOP would love it if we copied their worst practices and had constant purity tests. Plus it may scare off some independants. That too would please the GOP. Here‘s my purity test for the DU: don‘t do things that please the GOP.

So you want the people of the USA all

dreaming one dream? That is a cult. Reality has multiple realities and dreams. And in a democracy people pursue these varied plans. And at times they bump up against each other. And maybe learn something (or not if they are gop). And you reach compromises in the democratic party like promote trade but have adequate taxes on that corporate profit so that social programs and education can be kick ass good. And everybody then wins because it is a great democracy.

I didn't say all of the "complaints and observations" on the left

are wrong. I said that Democrats get to address a variety of realities. The left was far ahead in knowing trickle down was all smoke and mirrors. And don't we all wish the nation and the world had not gone down that more mindlessly competitive regulations road. That was a mistake the center made. Don't like inequality? Minimum wage Dems have tried to pass. Are you a corporation. Dems are passing trade deals. Don't like inequality? Dems want legislation to penalize inversions. Some of these policies are at cross purposes. That is because Democrats focus on the various needs of both the left and the center and all the people in between. And they even govern for those on the right at times because that is what democracy means. There are a myriad of realities in the nation. If you want only legislation to suit one set of specific needs you are only there for one specific group of people. Like the GOP is now. Give people, varieties of people, the basics of what they need in law and see them all thrive. That is the Democratic big tent. Meeting the needs of all realities of people.
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