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Many thanks to Rachel Maddow for proving the existence of white privilege (Bundy v. Ferguson)

This is not coming from me or any of the black, brown, Asian or white sympathetic DUers.

This is Rachel Maddow's show tonight. It was a brilliant show tonight because she demonstrated a very important contrast.

For months now, many of us have been trying--in vain--to explain what we have witnessed. Our life experiences. To try to get people to understand, not to make white people feel guilty. Not to accuse white folk of racism--real or unconscious. But simply to get people to see how white skin privilege has led to disparities in the ways people of color and whites have been treated in this country.

Rachel drew a contrast between the Bundy stand-off in Nevada and what happened in Ferguson, where the protestors came strapped, armed to the 9's, antagonizing federal troops, aiming their weapons squarely at feds. We saw how favorable to the Bundy's the coverage was in that the feds were lambasted for "overstepping their bounds," even as they enforced federal laws. (Remember, Bundy had been breaking federal land regulations for many decades!)

In stark contrast, the protestors in Ferguson--all unarmed--are treated like animals, told to go home. The protests began peacefully, but with only a few of them causing trouble, the press generalized about ALL the protestors. The cops are militarized, the crowds are sprayed with tear gas. Remember these people are all unarmed.

Don't attack me. Rachel clearly drew the contrast. She clearly stated that race IS the central factor.

And guess what? I agree.
Posted by Liberal_Stalwart71 | Thu Aug 14, 2014, 12:26 AM (85 replies)

Study: White people support harsher criminal laws if they think more black people arrested

So we live in a post-racial society? I think not.

Study: White people support harsher criminal laws if they think more black people arrested

Source: http://thinkprogress.org/justice/2014/08/07/3468368/study-white-people-support-harsher-criminal-laws-if-they-think-more-black-people-are-arrested/

A recent study suggests that, if you are white, and you are presented with evidence that our criminal justice system disproportionately targets black people, then you are more likely to support harsh criminal justice policies than if you were unaware of this evidence. According to a study by Rebecca Hetey, a post-doctoral fellow in Stanford’s Psychology department and Jennifer Eberhardt, her faculty advisor, informing white people that African Americans are significantly over-represented in the prison population “may actually bolster support for the very policies that perpetuate the inequality.”

Forty percent of the nation’s prison population is black, as compared to only 12 percent of the population as a whole.

To reach their conclusions, Hetey and Eberhardt conducted two experiments involving white subjects. In the first, white people were asked to watch one of two videos containing mug shots. In one video, 25 percent of the mug shots were pictures of black men, while in the other video, 45 percent of the mug shots depicted African American males. After watching the video, the subjects were then asked whether they would sign a petition calling for one of California’s strict sentencing laws to be eased.

The result: “Over half of the participants who’d seen the mug shots with fewer black men signed the petition, whereas only 27 percent of people who viewed the mug shots containing a higher percentage of black inmates agreed to sign.”

In the second experiment, two groups of white New Yorkers were shown different statistical data about the racial makeup of the prison population. One group was shown data indicating that 40 percent of prisoners are black while the other group was shown that 60 percent are black. Once again, the group that was led to believe that fewer people in the criminal justice system are African Americans were more likely to support liberalizing criminal justice policies. In this case, the New Yorkers were asked if they would sign a petition calling for the end of New York City’s stop-and-frisk policy. Thirty-three percent of the subjects who were led to believe that fewer African Americans are incarcerated were willing to sign the petition. Only 12 percent of the other group were willing to do so.

As Hetey notes, this research could have profound implications for advocates seeking to convince voters — or, at least, white voters — to support less harsh criminal justice policy. “Many legal advocates and social activists seem to assume that bombarding the public with images, statistics and other evidence of racial disparities will motivate people to join the cause and fight inequality,” according to Hetey. “But we found that, ironically, exposure to extreme racial disparities may make the public less, and not more, responsive to attempts to lessen the severity of policies that help maintain those disparities.”
Posted by Liberal_Stalwart71 | Mon Aug 11, 2014, 05:41 PM (5 replies)

Black Woman Launches Online Fundraiser To Raise Money To Gain ‘White Privilege’

Has anyone heard about this story?



“I need some white privilege!”
Black Woman Launches Online Fundraiser To Raise Money To Gain ‘White Privilege’


Via The Grio reports:

The unique idea is the brainchild of GoFundMe.com user Yaya M., who launched this impressive campaign on Wednesday and has already garnered the support of thousands from people who have called the campaign “brilliant.”

“Although I have layered oppressions that have affected my ability to access my slice of the American Pie™, no issue has affected me more readily than my lack of white privilege,” Yaya writes on her campaign page. “From being assumed to have ‘cheated’ my way into programs for gifted children AND college (via affirmative action), to having my natural hair viewed as unprofessional amongst professional peers, to having people make negative assumptions about my competency level, interests, and job knowledge, to being viewed as naturally dangerous or threatening, my lack of white privilege has created numerous obstacles as I’ve struggled to successfully compete in a white-dominated workforce.”

Yaya’s ultimate goal is to raise $135,000 — which she says she has calculated based on her work history and the financial disadvantage she has had over the years when compared to whites in the work force.

“I’ve been earning anywhere from 63-69 percent of what a white man makes for the same work since I entered the workforce in 1999. Even if I control for part-time work as a teenager and consider increases in pay as I grew older/more experienced and changed my field, that still averages out to about a $9000 deficit for each year I’ve been employed. Multiply that by 15 years of hustle and you have my total,” she wrote.

So far, she has raised close to $5,000 in seven days — and for each dollar amount users are willing to give, Yaya has even listed a separate reward of her own black privilege.

If given a $5 contribution, Yaya snarkily says she will “agree to be the black friend you are referencing when you tell people ‘I’m not racist, I have a black friend!’”

If given a $65 contribution, Yaya writes she will “allow you to touch my hair without asking, enabling you to potentially absorb some of my magical afro powers.”

Donations and responses from users have been pouring in — many of them celebrating Yaya’s stance and her interesting way of using the platform to address the discussion.

“I’m donating because this is the single best crowd funding site I have ever seen,” one woman wrote. “Also, white privilege has helped me out a ton, and I’ve got more than enough to share.”
In response to all the feedback, Yaya posted an update to the page campaign page on Thursday thanking everyone for their support:

“It was one of my intentions to find a way to foster dialogue about a serious issue in a light-hearted way, and you all have given me faith that this is more possible than I could have imagined.”

In the same text, she also sent a message to folks who she says spewed words of hatred and impolite disagreements. To these critics, she wrote:

“Just because I like you, and because I’d hate to see you die alone in your apartments surrounded by only your indignant loathing and a dozen or so equally morose cats, I offer you the free gift of the following article, no donation required: http://thefeministbreeder.com/explaining-white-privilege-broke-white-person/

To read more about this witty young woman and even donate check out her GoFundMe page HERE

- See more at: http://bossip.com/1001288/pure-racia....puGN06n5.dpuf
Posted by Liberal_Stalwart71 | Tue Jul 22, 2014, 11:46 PM (9 replies)
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