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Will he lose this essential support group?

And rant on this man, if anyone dares:


Oh, no, there was a video posted here with the civic leader - you know the one who got arrested?

Some white anarchists came from Chicago and started throwing things. They were doing their usual 'cool' thing with their masks on.

Just came into town and started trouble, they wanted to get things stirred up good. For what, for a body count?

And then they leave while heads are getting beat on and elderly people have heart attacks... I think one died from the stress.

Also the open carry people, the Infowars and Adam Kokesh guys came to town to get the citizens to take up arms. You know damn well they'd take off and watch the blood flow from afar.

People getting all eager for the revolution have turned out to not be liberals, progressives, or those for civil rights. They don't protect lives, they burn them up like matches.

The oppressed citizenry of Fergusoh deserve better than to be made the subject of a carnival of carnage. As if they hadn't gone through enough.

I was browing the SPLC website for the locations of the KKK in the area and other groups like Constitutional Sheriffs celebrated on a DU thread, like that one who retired in MO who was on youtube talking about race war and arresting Obama, etc.

One of our posters said all of the local television networks in the region are hyping the fear of riots, etc. 24/7. They've got people who wouldn't think about Ferguson in a state of panic.

That's a version of 'manufactured consent' like the Tea Party was hyped by media to be something bigger than they were. The news is now a commericial for Koch propaganda, and out of chaos they will take over the government. That's what all these provocative actions are about.

Here is a something worth reading:

‘Anarcho-Capitalists’ Seen as Cousins of the ‘Patriot’ Movement

Leah Nelson - December 12, 2012

Check the wackery:

...Stansberry is not the only ultra-libertarian to promote such ideas. One of his most prominent fellow travelers is Doug Casey, an antigovernment “investment guru” who on Nov. 29 told subscribers to his newsletter that being a taxpayer in America today is analogous to “being a Jew in Germany in the mid-1930’s...”

But scratch that surface and it’s clear that this self-described “anarcho-capitalist,” who in 2009 outlined a plan to privatize a small country and take it public on the New York Stock Exchange, is courting the same audience of government-fearing radicals. Though he puts a fresh face on tired conspiracies and a new spin on old animosities, Casey’s message is the same: The government is your enemy, and if you don’t prepare, it will destroy you.

If you stripped the Patriot movement of its pseudo-legal rhetoric, conspiracist malarkey and allusions to supposed Christian virtue, you’d end up with an ideology much like the one espoused by Stansberry, Casey and their compatriots. Often described as “anarcho-capitalists” or “voluntaryists,” their belief in essence is that government — any government — is by its very nature tyrannical and unnatural. They propose instead an essentially stateless society in which all relationships, economic and otherwise, are voluntary and untaxed. Services like roads and mail delivery would be built and maintained by private entities that would charge market-based fees for those who desired to use them. Government in any recognizable form simply would not exist...

Translation: Confederate partisans — people whose “ethical values and economic interests” included buying, selling, beating, raping and killing other human beings whose skin color happened to be different from their own — were unjustly stopped by overweening federal power that was built into the Constitution from Day One as part of a long-acting stealth coup to steal power from the states...


Comments are very interesting, too,

Anyway, I have to turn in and I hope you and yours can enjoy the holiday. I don't think anyone in Ferguson is going to enjoy theirs in peace - and that's all they wanted in the first place. to be allowed to live their lives in peace.

I do want him to remain forever. I'm sure his replacement will be worse. And not half as smart.

Or able to generate so many media stories around the globe. The news outlets will grieve when he goes.

Congratulations on finishing the job. And take care, you two lovebirds:

May your spirits soar like birds when you retire. I'm hoping you get a nice party at the job, with appreciation for all of your hard work there.

Thanks for posting that. I just googled about this 2008 raid and found there is a lot at Wikiepedia:


Then I looked to see who in the management of the company did time:


The first entry shows that Bush wanted to make this into a 'model' for dealing with immigration. I wonder what a McCain/Palin administration would have done.

Or a Romney/Ryan administratrion. Ryan has organized his followers on the issue of immigration as he wanted to repeal the 14th Amendment. He laid out a plan in a video posted here that I reposted, but it's since been removed.

That video was made in Wisconsin. The people there were particularly hostile to hispanics and the idea of repealing Birthright Citizenship was their way of preventing them from being full citizens.

I've many times written about the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments, how they came about, and what the loss of them would be. The 14th not only has Birthright Citizenship, used to increase the rights of freed slaves, but also Due Process and Equal Treatment Under the Law. Take those out of Constiutional law, and every case since then decided for the rights of the individual, such as Roe v. Wade have no Constitutional basis.

Because the 4th Amendment, loudly touted by Paul supporters, did not end slavery. It failed in the Dred Scott decision, upon which Scott based his rights, when the USSC ruled that 'African Americans had no claim to freedom or citizenship. Since they were not citizens, they did not possess the legal standing to bring suit in a federal court... The ruling of the court helped catalyze sentiment for Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation and the three constitutional amendments ratified shortly after the Civil War: the Thirteenth, Fourteenth and Fifteenth amendments, abolishing slavery, granting former slaves citizenship, and conferring citizenship to anyone born in the United States (excluding those subject to a foreign power such as children of foreign ambassadors). It took a war to make that happen, and some still don't accept it.

The leaders of the Confederacy said that 'a black person had no rights that a white person was required to grant.' Also that the Founders' ideals of Equality were the fatal flaw in their way of thinking, that they were mentally unsound, as God had ordained that only white males were fit to rule, not women or POC.

While the 4th was about an invasion of rights, that was for a certain class, race and sex of people. Roe v Wader and other issues were decided on the basis of the 14th as an extension of the 4th and other cases.

Imagine an America without the right of citizenship for all born here. That leads to what the 14th was meant to stop, slavery. Imagine an America without the right to Due Process enshrined in law, whether is it not always adhered to, like many parts of our legal framework. That is the road to being in fief to the richest persons in the neighborhood. And we don't even want to 'go there' with the effects of eliminating Equal Treatment Under the Law. Our modern society is built upon these things.

Ryan said that what they want is to have a Constitutional Convention to eliminate the 14th. He promised his supporters that it would be as soon as they get enough states 'red' in their legislatures, to call for one to be convened. Every single thing that Ryan and the rest of the GOP do are on the Koch agenda since Charles' failed presidential campaign in the 1980. .If nothing else, these fanatics do know the law and don't take it for granted as if it is written in stone, because it isn't.

But after repealing the 14th, women's suffrage would be next on the list, along with the amendment granting taxing power to support the federal government as a whole and others by forming the IRS. Another thing the Koches demand be elimimated.

The RWNJs want all of the Amendments after the 10th repealed. Those were all major changes to make this nation more democratic. They want their states rights concept to rule over their population, the argument for the Confederacy. Their "popular sovereignty" movement is what started the Civil War. They want that to happen again, and they intend to win it by pushing all federal law aside. Example would be the Bundy fiasco and the attempt to steal public law across the west, the latest would the take over of a town mentioned here at DU by armed men, and this is not unknown. Exactly what happened before the last Civil War began. This is part of the Tenther and Sovereign Citizen Movements now with a lot of media complicity.

We can either be what we believed ourselves to be about, Equal rights for all, or we will all lose our rights.

Thanks for posting this... And the Guardian link there. Here is the video:

Most of it by Reverend Barber, who has my total respect. See the connections... What has gone on there... IMO, it's NOT suicide.

ZOMG! I love mariachi music and had never seen this one. Thanks, Cha!

Be sure to pronounce your rrrrrrr's right!

Just kicking a beautiful thread!

Here is the documentary film 'Putin's Kiss.' Takes a while but very interesting:

I don't for a minute think Putin is a pedophile anymore than the story in the UK Mail is credible. As far as the guy who was murdered, and his comments on Putin giving that kid a raspberry seem overblown. It was rumored he was a double agent. Now if you want to see some conspiracy stuff that is credible, watch the video. I'm going to Rec this because I know you're trying hard with these posts, but this one is not convincing.

Or that he cheated on the witchcraft charges. It never ends with them. They're still stuck on this:

It's an old video but they haven't changed, either.

This is how Boehner lives with it:

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