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Look, he's got Oprah on his side! I wonder what she and the family think of this:

Oh, wait, his wife was right there enjoying him abusing a school teacher. Just doing his job for the Koches, she feels very proud. Christie is raking in the money for his Cow of Bashan wife there. There's a meme to go with that picture:


Women like that scare me far more than any man.

Not my type. All the repukes and libertarians love him, or want his body. There's a reason:

Jon Stewart Blasts Fox New’s Traitorous, Hypocritical Praising of Putin

On The Daily Show Thursday night, Jon Stewart ripped the Fox News network’s near-orgasmic love-fest with Russian President Vladimir Putin and pointed out the hypocrisy of the GOP propaganda channel calling Putin a “real leader” while referring to President Obama as a “dictator” for supposedly doing the same sorts of things.

Stewart asked, “What happened to these people as children that has enabled this love-hate relationship with authoritarian figures and the inherent cognitive dissonance that goes along with such a schism?”

Stewart also highlighted the embellished stories about Putin’s supposed toughness, mentioning the story about Putin shooting a tiger that had been trapped and put to sleep.

“For God’s sakes,” he said. “How, in a 24-hour news cycle, do you upgrade Putin from wrestling bears to tigers, anyhow? By tomorrow, it’ll be, ‘Putin once smacked the teeth out of a great white shark and made it blow him, while Barack Obama just sat there, wistfully, wearing Capri pants and a baby bonnet.”

He then mocked Sean Hannity for fawning over a picture of a shirtless “big, strong muscular” Putin riding a horse while President Obama is pictured riding a bike with a safety hat on.


That paragraph there:

Stewart asked, “What happened to these people as children that has enabled this love-hate relationship with authoritarian figures and the inherent cognitive dissonance that goes along with such a schism?”

It's all you need to know. Yup, comething went wrong, and they are determined to pass the dysfunction to the whole world. Is incest part of the picture?

Happy Easter and Birthday to you! Congratulations and hope your day was great! n/t

Let's take everything back 300 years! Oh, wait, we're doing that here... Never mind...

Will they get washed out to sea in that wave?

Men without shirts were banned from the beaches in Atlantic City, New Jersey, the reason being that the city didn’t want “gorillas on our beaches.” Only in 1937 did men actually have the right to go topless with their swimming trunks.


See, they were oppressed, too!

I see that as part of the Putin/Palin 2016 slogans and theme music:

Well, yeah. Problem is, Vladimir has been looking back. It's true love, I tell ya:

Palin: Obama wears ‘mom jeans’ while Putin wrestles bears and drills for oil


Went to find a picture of her for you, and found an article too. Hold on to your hat:

Al Sharpton defends Melissa Harris Perry from Cornel West's 'arrogant' and 'disingenuous' attacks

by Zerlina Maxwell | February 8, 2012


I won't post what was said, but it was worth reading to get the professor's resume. I'm impressed with her from what I read on DU.

Nope. Haven't changed attitude one bit, since making their money with Stalin, he didn't bother Fred.

I can't afford to ignore them.

An excellent research piece by Hannah Bell from DU2:


There are connections, and Ilse is Charles Koch's doppelganger. I posted that in error, but went back to my original of the picture, in which didn't claim that, but the look was striking. But there is more to connect the familial traits than looks:

Enemies Of The State: The Kochs

Stephen D. Foster Jr. - July 25, 2011

The Kochs may be looked upon by conservatives as a normal wealthy American family but they have ties to one of the most evil regimes in world history. Fred Koch created his company, Winkler-Koch, here in America, and was sued for patent infringement because of his process for turning crude oil into gasoline. Litigation put Winkler-Koch out of business in the U.S. for several years. In other words, Koch was banned. Koch then turned his focus to foreign markets, including the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany with the help of Erich Koch. A high level Nazi official in charge of Prussia, Erich Koch invited Fred Koch to sell his oil in Nazi Germany after he was banned from doing business in the US. After the fall of Nazi Germany, Erich Koch and Fred expanded the oil empire to the Soviet Union. A few years later, the Soviets took Fred Koch’s oil and prosecuted Erich for war crimes. Fred Koch returned to the US as an anti-communist, and was allowed to do business in America once again. In 1963, Fred Koch gave a speech warning of “a takeover” of America in which Communists would “infiltrate the highest offices of government in the U.S. until the president is a Communist, unknown to the rest of us”. Koch also “wrote admiringly of Benito Mussolini’s suppression of Communists in Italy, and disparagingly of the American civil-rights movement.” Fred Koch was a crazy right wing entrepreneur that was relegated to the extreme fringe of the Republican Party and as such, he had no real power. Unfortunately the same cannot be said of his sons...

Over the course of the 2010 elections, the Kochs poured hundreds of millions of dollars into elections around the country. Many Republicans that were swept into office are beholden to the Koch brothers. One of these Governors, Scott Walker of Wisconsin, has slammed a bill through the state legislature that effectively destroys unions in the state. The Kochs are all for this maneuver. They hate organized labor, and have a strong belief that workers have no rights and have no purpose other than to work at whatever price an owner wants them to work for. Koch Industries does not employ union workers for this reason. This anti-labor belief stems directly from the Koch familial ties in Nazi Germany. Erich Koch was a high ranking Nazi official in the Ukraine, who, in addition to having control of the Gestapo and the police, worked together with the General Plenipotentiary for Labor Deployment, to provide the Reich with forced labor. Erich Koch faced charges of war crimes for the extermination of 400,000 Poles.
Another family member, Karl Koch, was a colonel in the German SS and the first commandant of the Nazi concentration camps at Buchenwald.


They've been so good at fooling the right and the left in this country, having gone straight down the path that FDR's VP laid out in a piece in the NYT on how fascists could take over the USA:

"The really dangerous American fascist... is the man who wants to do in the United States in an American way what Hitler did in Germany in a Prussian way. The American fascist would prefer not to use violence.

His method is to poison the channels of public information. With a fascist the problem is never how best to present the truth to the public but how best to use the news to deceive the public into giving the fascist and his group more money or more power...

They claim to be super-patriots, but they would destroy every liberty guaranteed by the Constitution. They demand free enterprise, but are the spokesmen for monopoly and vested interest.

Their final objective, toward which all their deceit is directed, is to capture political power so that, using the power of the state and the power of the market simultaneously, they may keep the common man in eternal subjection."

-- U.S. Vice President Henry A. Wallace, quoted in the New York Times, April 9, 1944

Charles ran as a Libertarian in 1980 and got only 1% of the vote. He decided after that he'd buy the message by owning the media outright:

BERNIE SANDERS Uncovers 1980 Koch Agenda- "What Do the Koch Brothers Want?"


So many are so delighted with their philosophy, you can't curb their enthusiasm. The rest won't admit what's going on, but the intention is plain.

While Ilse isn't mommy dearest, it's not like they didn't rub shoulders and take up the ideology of the Nazis and work to enact it in the USA. If you value the words of this DUer, read the transcript of a video here:


These men are their friends are extremely dangerous, and very close to making real the prophecy of FDR's VP and the platform they support, which has Nazi and racist roots. The world they are creating is scarcely fit for most of humanity to live in.

Some will always say, and I wish was I one of them, that 'It can't happen here.'

Awesomeness! Those should go viral and sent to the Bundesreich Tea Party. Enjoy the read:

The Bundesreich of Von Bismarck

“Drei Achten, Drei Kaiser, Null Bismarck”

Category: Right-wing Utopia
Civil Rights: Some
Economy: Strong
Political Freedoms: Very Good
Regional Influence: Duckspeaker

The Bundesreich of Von Bismarck is a colossal, environmentally stunning nation, ruled by Jkr Otto von Bismarck with an even hand, and notable for its complete lack of public education. Its hard-nosed, hard-working, intelligent population of 5.355 billion are free to succeed or fail in life on their own merits; the successful tend to enjoy an opulent (but moralistic) lifestyle, while the failures can be seen crowding out most jails.

The medium-sized government juggles the competing demands of Religion & Spirituality, Defence, and the Environment. It meets every day to discuss matters of state in the capital city of Altmark. The average income tax rate is 18%. The private sector is almost wholly made up of enterprising ten-year-olds selling lemonade on the sidewalk, although the government is looking at stamping this out.

Citizens recently voted in favour of declaring bubblewrap an 'abomination of nature', elections have become procedural nightmares due to voters persistently rejecting candidates, prison visits increase substantially during election years, and CEOs and corporate executives are frequently found striking for better stock options. Crime is a problem. Von Bismarck's national animal is the Dänischer Hund, which frolics freely in the nation's many lush forests, its national religion is Kulturkampf, and its currency is the Notgeld.

Von Bismarck is ranked 27th in Germany and 89,260th in the world for Most Authoritarian, with 0.12 Stalins.

More at the link:


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